Cisco Switch Virtualization

In this technological era, Virtualization has emerged as a leading topic in the industry.

Your company’s infrastructure can be a multifaceted ecosystem with diverse servers, functioning system, applications interrelating with a broad range of computers. To efficiently managing and supporting this collection of complex technology might be complex and time consuming.

Virtualization Technologyfor your business
Virtualization Eliminate high costs - automatization

Our company provides you a great assistance in organizing Server or Desktop Virtualization to eliminate cost, enhance hardware consumption, improves business network & infrastructure, along with speeding up the routine task as desired. It is highly recommended to deploy Virtualization technology presented by Acordis. It delivers the best cost-effective solution to meet your business need and requirements.

Server Virtualization incorporating VMware & Microsoft Virtual Server

Virtualization - VMWare -Microsoft Virtual Server

What Does Virtualization Mean?

Virtualization embraces complete set software products installed onto Windows or Linux and let you run various Intel-based operating systems. It also includes a server line of products, aiming at targeted people to run different operating systems on a particular machine, single version that provide its own base operating system.

A virtual machine is captured into files that make it possible to effectively save or copy, and provision a virtual machine. A complete system, which is fully equipped with operating systems, installed applications, BIOS and virtual hardware can quickly shift to another physical server along with zero downtime.

Benefits of Virtualization

Virtualization - Benefits for your business
Several operating systems and applications can sustain in a particular physical system. Different servers can be amalgamated into virtual machines. Computing resources are basically considered as a constant pool that can be assigned to virtual machines orderly.
A virtual machine remains isolated from the other virtual machines and the host machine. In case, a virtual system smashes, it cannot affect other machines. Moreover, data remains secure in virtual machines and applications can connect over configured network connections.
Whole virtual machine environment is kept as a single file that can be easily copied and moved. It provides a consistent virtualized hardware to the application, ensuring perfect compatibility.