Security Solutions

Acordis offers you great assistance to sort your data security and IT system issues by adapting our services that gives you flexibility so that you can entirely concentrate on your primary business.

We dedicate complete support to provide you advanced and active services that help you achieve your goal and objectives. We offer industry leading solutions and implement ongoing management services to fulfill your business needs.

Data Security

Network Security - Errors and Viruses
Intruder Detection - Internet Crime, Cyber Attacks

Data is an asset of a business that remains vulnerable to malicious virus attacks. What safety measures you are following to protect your data? Do you share such information with others? Our company delivers the best data protection technique that will help you to secure your confidential information effectively.

As we said, data is considered an asset of any business or organization and it travels all around your company and also over the internet. Uncertain movement of the data elevates the risk of security threats and cause serious issues. It is essentially required that you have described the procedures you are following to secure the data and personal information of your customers. In case of negligence, you might face charges or fines for such acts.

Recommended question to confirm privacy measure:

  • Where you save all your data?
  • Who can access these data?
  • What measure I need to take to control data usage without impacting the capability to run a business?
  • What can be done to allow employees or partners to access data they require without providing entire access?

Our experience with securing access to critical information at the desktop through Internet gives you required answers for your compliance and security concerns. Our experts will provide you great assistance to secure your computing experience for the internal and external users.

Network Security


We partner with Paloalto Networks, the most powerful and reliable next-generation network security company to deliver the most powerful and reliable cyber-attack prevention and detection solution.

With the Paloalto Secure the Network product line, we equip your network with advanced security products that will combine network, cloud and endpoint in an integrated security platform providing an automated preventive protection without compromising performance.

Secure the Network

With cyber-attacks becoming more refined and consistent, your company can’t risk to have a limited solution. With a central platform approach, you will have complete visibility to manage all aspects of your network, and protect all applications from a single console.

Secure the Endpoint

By today’s security standards, the traditional antivirus is not enough to protect your company’s endpoint. Paloalto has developed Traps™; an advanced endpoint solution that replaces the outdated antivirus protection to block known and unknown threats.

Secure the Cloud

As more applications and data are deployed into private, public and hybrid cloud environments, it is crucial to have a next-generation security and advanced prevention solution for your virtualized environments.