What is SIEM?

SIEM or Security Information and Event Management is the perfect combination of security information management (SIM) and security event management (SEM) functions that provides security analysis and prevention in multiple locations in real-time.

HP SIEM is the network security intelligence that protects the whole IT Enviroment- network devices, systems, and applications.

What SIEM Can Do Your Business?

The main advantage of implementing a SIEM System is that all data is analyzed from a single point of view making it easier to spot trends and patterns out of the ordinary. This centralized approach allows near real-time analysis for a quicker identification, analysis and recovery of security events. The system will also keep the organization legal compliance requirements up to date.

What are the benefits and features of implementing a HP SIEM System?

By implementing a HP SIEM system, your data will have continuous protection, so hackers and cyber attackers can’t harm your business.

Continous Data Protection


Threat Monitoring and Response

and Response

Analytics and Real-time Correlation

and Real-time

Add on Features for better experience

Detection Before
Damage Occurs

Add on Features for better experience


SIEM Products

ArcSight Data Platform
Data Collection Log Management

High-performance data collection. Improve securiy posture.

ArcSight ESM
Enterprise Security Management

Improve security response. Detect and and respond faster to threats.

ArcSight Express
SIEM Appliance

Identify and prioritize current and potential threats to improve security

Compliance Insight Packages
Security Appliance

Built-in content for overall compliance and powerful monitoring.

ArcSight Risk Insight
Enterprise Security Management

Recognize any future risks from security events.

ArcSight Marketplace
Security Appliance

Archsight SIEM best practices community and documentation.

SIEM Program

Why do you need to implement a HP SIEM System?

Hackers and cyber attackers have evolved into organized businesses willing to take advantage and explodes any security weakness your business has to make a profit. It is important to understand and treat them as competitors to create effective strategies to protect your infrastructure from any imminent attack. By implementing a Security Program/Plan you will be a step ahead of attackers making it more difficult for them to get to your data; remember hackers want to do the most damage with the lowest risk for them.

The key aspects you need to consider before implementing your HP SIEM System are:

What do you need to protect? What data and information is most important for you?

Where will you implement the program? Where are you must likely to be attacked?

Who do you need to protect from? – External vs internal threats.

Learn how your business can be vulnerable to hackers and information breaches.

As attackers get more sophisticated and organized, and threats are larger and more frequent, you will need to know how vulnerable your infrastructure is. By running a Penetration Test and a Vulnerability Test you will be able to define, identify and classify security cracks for potential external and internal intrusions to your system and computers.

HP SIEM cuts down the time to respond to threats and attacks.

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