In a recent survey[1] published in the South Florida Business Journal, it has come to light that 84% of business owners, executives and key decision makers in America are familiar with the concept of cloud computing. This fact serves as food for thought: is cloud computing going to be the future of businesses and end of physical IT assets? At Acordis, we contribute in earnest to this American dream of achieving technological advancement and improvement in businesses, by providing cloud computing and VOIP phone systems to businesses in Florida.


Acordis is dedicated to making business easy for the clients. Cloud computing is just an umbrella term that covers a wide variety of services in our language:

  • Application flexibility
  • Virtual storage
  • Data security
  • IT component unification
  • IP communications

All your woes regarding storage space, data accessibility and security, cost effectiveness and integration of IT infrastructure, IT framework management and solutions, troubleshooting and maintenance can be addressed by us, expediting optimization of resources subsequent cost savings. Never again would you frown upon the mention of technology in your office.


As an augmentation to cloud computing extending its utility outside the computer screen, the Internet can now be used to make phone calls. Acordis is counted among the top VoIP phone providers in this niche market, making all the IT necessities of your business a package deal. As a VoIP phone provider, Acordis makes possible:

  • IP telephony
  • Communications expenses reduction
  • Unification of communications

Acordis is an award winning corporation in the sector of cloud computing, recognized by entities like CRN and South Florida Business Journal. This combined with cloud computing and VOIP telephony, it is impossible for your business to be inefficient. With us, your business is in good hands.