Acordis offer’s LifeSize Video Conferencing Solution, a new approach to High quality Video Conferencing.

Video Conferencing will transform your business
HD Video Conferencing Solution

Whether you own a small or large level business, a video conferencing can do wonders for all business types. It gives you an opportunity to collaborate with people and develop a better connection with them to gain more information for your business. It greatly contributes to enhance productivity of each employee who gets chance to build great connections and grab better information. Free Trail Demo units are available, call Today.

For more information about the LifeSize’s solutions, you can contact us and obtain complete knowledge about these products.

Here is a list of our LifeSize Products, have a look:

  • LifeSize Unity Series
  • LifeSize Icon Series
  • LifeSize Passport Series
  • LifeSize 220 Series
  • LifeSize Video Infrastructure Products
  • LifeSize LRS1000 for Microsoft® Lync®

Moreover, our accessible video infrastructure solutions assist you to efficiently organize, regulate and manage voice, video and data. Check out our video infrastructure solutions:

Lifesize Video Solution - Cloud Service


  • LifeSize UVC Video Center Video streaming and recording
  • LifeSize UVC Multipoint Flexible multiparty calling
  • LifeSizeClearSea Desktop and mobile video calling
  • LifeSize UVC Transit Firewall/NAT traversal
  • LifeSize UVC Manager Video network management
  • LifeSize Networker ISDN to IP gateway
  • LifeSize UVC Access IP routing and call control
  • LifeSize UVC Platform Integrated, software-based infrastructure
  • LifeSize UVC Video Engine for Microsoft® Lync™ HD video calls with Microsoft Lync
  • LifeSize Control Management software