IT Services &Managed IT Services

Acordis offers a systematic and proactive support system that instantly provides managed IT services for your servers, data center, network and workstations.

Our support system program is fully staffed with proficient IT Professionals in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach. At Acordis, we strive to deliver a comprehensive IT protection service as well as monitor crucial functioning of the servers, data center, networks and workstations. We have effectively created a full service plan that will act as a fixed-cost solution, and that will provide a predictable investment budget for your organization.

Our main goal is to help your business reduce the overall cost of technology ownership along with cutting down any technical issues. With the help of our performance monitoring software, our experts will quickly detect any existing issues in your network or server and correct them before they can cause any permanent damage.

What Will Acordis Deliver to Your Business?

Acordis will deliver instant managed IT services and support for your business computer network, servers, data center and workstations. Our experts have extensive knowledge of the latest information and trends to provide systematic assistance to all of our clients. Our team makes sure that your company is fully equipped with a strategic technology plan developed specifically to achieve your business objectives and goals.

Plan Features

Support Service
Emergency Services
Checklist and Documentation
Networks, Servers and Printer Management
Data Management and Security

Why Maintenance of Your IT Infrastructure is Essentially Required?

Many people think that computers are quite advanced and do not require any maintenance like any other machine. However, the reality is completely different from this. A computer is a collection of intricate software and machine parts that perform complex calculations, it uses different components and wires to meet processing needs of applications and other programs. Like any other machine, a computer also requires regular maintenance to avoid issues and to improve their overall performance.

Why is it Important for Every Business to Have Consistent Server, Network and Workstation Services?

  • Apply Microsoft security updates at least once in a month.
  • Update Virus and firewall protection regularly.
  • Manage backup and testing data for recovery.
  • Control hard drive resources effectively to prevent server crashes and storage issues.
  • Evaluate server event logs to rectify issues occurring in the system.
  • Optimize servers and workstation consistently to improve speed and efficiency.
  • Create expected monthly budgets to reduce or avoid financial surprises.
Workstation services

The Results for Managing your IT Services are:

  • Network consistency
  • Increased Productivity & Competence
  • Failure Notification
  • Threshold Passing Notification
  • Offer Historic Data of the Network
  • Instant Issue Analysis

By having your IT Services managed and regularly maintained, you can avoid further issues and reach the optimal ideal performance of your business.

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