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Fujitsu Integrated Virtual System with Multiple Configurations
High Performance - Maximum Reliability – Incredible Flexibility - Energy Efficient

Fujitsu and VMware have been working together to provide an integrated system for setting up a Converged and Hyper-Converged IT infrastructures delivering a next generation virtualization platform that includes compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources with multiple configurations to meet the specific requirements in which it will be deployed.

These powerful solutions integrate software-defined server and storage technology providing benchmark-leading virtualization performance (VMmark) and energy-efficiency for running VMware virtual machines.

Organizations will benefit from much faster time to production for deploying the core virtual infrastructure foundation to their data center. The Integrated Virtual System come fully tested and delivered on the best-performing-server- platform for VMware.

Ideal virtual infrastructure for your data center.

  • Faster Time to Production for Your VMware Virtual Infrastructure.
  • Easy to Order, Deploy and Scale.
  • Broad Choice of Deployment Options.
  • Pre-installed Software.
  • Environment Ready for Migration.
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Full Rack Ships as an Appliance Bundle

*Bundles can be modified. *Migration is not included. *Customization and licenses are not included.