Document Management

Acordis successfully teamed up with Nuance, Square 9 and Paper cut to come up with effective solutions to simplify your business processor in different zone, including SharePoint®, electronic document filing and document capture software. In this hi-tech world, people are looking for effective techniques to manage documents & information, enhance productivity and cost effective measures.

Our company offers a perfect electronic document management system, which gives you security, consistency and mobile access techniques that help you to eradicate a paper file storing system and retrieve space for increased productivity and competence.

The capability to regain a document by simply clicking your mouse can considerably improve the competency of your workplace. If your office processes require an automated system, then an electronic document management system is the best choice that can deliver all you need.

Advantages of Document Management System:

  • Perfectly scan paper documents into the central repository
  • Share, recover and catalogs document so everyone can access in seconds
  • Cost-effective and time saving
  • Better competitive advantage as you can access information for clients
  • Timely store documents to protect against accidental loss
  • Certified monitoring compliance
  • Enhance business revenue through improved productivity


Software Solutions by Business Need

  • Document Management - Healthcare
  • Document Management - Workflow
    Approval / Workflow
  • Document Management - Disaster Recovery
    Disaster Recovery
  • Document Management - Human Resource
    Human Resources
  • Document Management - Education
  • Document Management - Integration
  • Document Management - Accounting
  • Document Management - Finance
  • Document Management - Industry
  • Document Management - Real Estate
    Real Estate
  • Document Management - Green Initiatives
    Green Initiatives
  • Document Management - Manufacturing
  • Document Management - Legal
  • Document Management - Government Organization
    Government Organization
  • Document Management - Advance Capture
    Advanced Capture