What are the benefits of using Digital Signage and Video Walls as a Marketing Tool?

  • Facilitates active Message circulation to people at aimed place and time.

  • Drive your target with perfect timing towards the purchase determination at the store.

  • Get a better niche market exposure.

  • Improve Customer Experience.

  • Lift sales and contribute in training & communication.

  • It helps you to develop a custom template that perfectly matches your business brand.
Acordis - Data Management, Backup, Recovery and Security Solutions

What are the advantages of Acordis setting up your Digital Signage?

  • We provide network based IP, which allow reducing installation.

  • costs by simply adding nodes to the prevailing local-area network.

  • Permit you to directly upload messages from your computer system to partial numbers. You can also arrange an enterprise server to successfully feed a huge signage network.

  • We also deliver a comprehensive portfolio contains high-quality video wall systems, providing a huge variety of unique sizes, resolutions & technologies.

  • The systems allows scaling of a particular video through the process of LED display tiles of several locations, sizes, shapes and angles.
Acordis - Data Management, Backup, Recovery and Security Solutions

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