What are the benefits of having your Data Managed by Acordis?

Data Management

  • Cost-effective and time saving.

  • Better competitive advantage as you can access information for clients.

  • Timely store documents to protect against accidental loss.

  • Certified monitoring compliance.

  • Enhance business revenue through improved productivity.

Backup and Recovery

Your business will be able to store and save all the data in a secured place. No more worries about accessing or losing any important information or document. Our collaboration with Acronis, Barracuda Networks and GFI effectively help us not only to give your business the security it needs, but also to deliver remarkable support for servers, workstations, Windows® or Linux operating system, Citrix® XenServer®, VMware® vSphere/ESX/ESXi and much more.

Your Data is secured from attacks and recovered in case of emergency


We will equip your network with the required security products that can efficiently recognize interruption, filter malicious web sites, examine content, track data and also advance bandwidth. Our experts will provide you with great assistance to secure your computing experience for the internal and external users.

Acordis - Data Management, Backup, Recovery and Security Solutions

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