Collaboration, Data & Enterprise Networks

Collaboration, Data & Enterprise Networks

We have collaborated with Cisco to offer a comprehensive product line to meet our customer’s business needs.

We are equipped with certified engineers, qualified experts having vast knowledge and experience in this field. Our team includes Network Architects, Network Engineers, project managers, and customer support executives that will help you to realize the actual benefits of technology. With the expansion of your business, you can hire more workers, teleworkers and remote offices via incorporating IP based communications technology that too at an affordable price. With this technology, your entire team will have the perfect communication tools, which are essentially required to attain success.

To comprehend the integrated communications, you need to consider all the tools that you are currently using for your business purpose such as, commercial landline phone, mobile phone, voicemail, fax, and internet. After this, time to think about the productivity applications you are using, which includes, calendar, email, messages, and video conferencing. All these tools are mutual contributing to meet your business requirements, which are as follows:

IP Telephony
Rich-media conferencing
IP Telephony for your business
Managing vital technology by using different wireless devices.
Allow executives to work from anyplace.
Efficiently holds conference meetings at remote location through audio or video technology.
Enable employees to find their team member without using telephone tag.
Also protect your business from internal or external threats including, virus, hacker or any other security threats.
Effectively assist customers by connecting them to the concerned person.

Let us elaborate the working procedure of a unified communication system that mutually performs for perfect functioning.

Rich-media conferencing - remote conferencing
Video Conferencing will transform your business

IP telephony

The best phone service involves dial tone, hold, transfer, conferencing and several other features that care connected through the data network. You can easily transfer calls to any other extension in your organization. Moreover, remote executives have complete access to phone services via a Virtual Private Network connection at the workplace.


With the help of voice and conferencing software, employees can easily make conference calls for official meeting purpose, share presentations, instant message to each other. All these can be easily done with our user-friendly software solutions.

Presence Solutions

With our Presence Solutions, you don’t need any telephone tag or waste your time while searching for the person, not there in the office. This application allows you to confirm the availability of the employee along with the current location and contact details.

Integrated Messaging

Our integrated messaging system allows you to stay connected with all your messages as, we set up your entire message system including, emails, faxes and voice messages.

Rich-media conferencing

Our Rich-Media conferencing helps you to hold meetings where people can participate efficiently without any problem. This conferencing solution allows everyone to participate in a conference via voice, video or Web.

Wireless Access Point

A wireless access point provides you great elasticity that formed on the cutting-edge Secure Network Foundation infrastructure to install a secure wireless LAN.

To deliver a highly secure guest access & voice over wireless LAN, you can either go with a separate Access Point deployment or a wireless LAN, which is a controller-based deployment.