Cisco Security Solutions

Your business needs total protection for today’s online and cloud environments; getting advanced thread defense, advance malware protection, total visibility and control, continuous reports and secure mobility is a requirement to secured your infrastructure and data.

Acordis will help you set the infrastructure to gain total web protection. Your business will be able to protect any device in any location through Cisco Threat Intelligence, and advanced threat capabilities.

Cisco Web Security uses an architectural approach to address and protect your company most valuable data. Cisco Web Security Solutions includes:

Cloud Access Security

Gain visibility and control of cloud application usage. Acordis understands that in this era of technology the cloud market is growing, and companies need to be protected, and risk free while deploying any cloud application.

Cisco Cloud Web Security

Get advanced security in near-real-time web protection, and reduce total time in identifying breaches and defeat unknown threats.

Web Security Appliance

Combine multiple forms of protection with one appliance. With the WSA Cisco Protection your business will get advanced malware protection, application visibility and control, insightful reporting, and secure mobility.