Modular Servers:
UCS M-Series

The UCS M-Series are architected for parallelized workloads found in cloud, online gaming, multi-variable computing and HPC. The Modular Servers unique design eliminates the complexity of traditional servers, making your data center architecture scalable, and easier to manage.

Blade Servers:
UCS B-Series and Options

Simplify server deployment. From customers who need smaller IT environments to complex virtualized and non-virtualized architectures; the Blade Server series offers performance, energy efficiency flexibility, administrator productivity, and reduced cost of ownership for current and future data center needs.

Rack Servers:
UCS C-Series and Options

React to varying workload challenges in your data center. The UCS-Series gives you different choices with unique benefits to improve your data and virtualization performance, while reducing the total cost of ownership.

Cisco UCS
Systems Management Software

By managing all your data center software and hardware components as a unified entity, your IT department will enjoy all the benefits of simplified, unified management of compute, network and storage access resources.